Donnerstag, 16. Dezember 2010

weather rules the world

I posted about my long weekend one week ago, now I have to announce:
Including today I have free until the second monday next year !

Because of the weather (eg snow chaos) I can stay at home today and tomorrow, additionally to my normal free days.

From tomorrow unti the day before christmas,there will be no updates, because of my skiing holiday.


  1. The snow storm has hit here NRW, started about 4 hours ago and is getting very deep. Hopefully deep enough so that I won´t have to go to work tomorrow :-=
    Have a good skiing holiday :-D

  2. thanks paul.
    I hope so for you, too. :-)

    Have a nice weekend
    Der Tsstler

  3. And I become eyekrebs of your english.
    Zitat: "I have free"

    MFG MorgulPinselbeiza

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