Samstag, 27. November 2010

weekend walk

Some weeks ago, in the fall, I was walking to the Justinusfelsen near Adolfseck and Lindschied.

At the way there was another historical site namely ,,Alte Schanze'', It was probably built in the thirty years war and is a systeme of ditches and holes. It was build at a bifurcation from Mittleage and Roman roads and paths. There you can watch the hole Aartal and you can fire at a pass from Westerwald.

 The hills are very steep so the Schanze needed only some men to control the whole area.

At the end I came to the Justinusfelsen were are Roman inscribed his name in a quarry probably he was a legionary at the limes. Because the quarry is just 200m away from it or he was quarry worker.

workbench update

click for a better view. On the left these are BTD WW2 Russians I'm going to convert them in modern partisans with some stuff from The Assault Group, which has not arrived yet. In the Middle my first Early Imperial Roman Legionary Cohort and on the right a lot of caesarian command from my earlier projekt.

Did they want to bomb the Reichstag ??

I recently finished the RAFMiniatures (A really matching name for a producer of terrorists). I liked the multi parts because you can build a lot f different poses with just one pack. I tried some different techniques to paint black, in my opinion the best and a simplest is to paint them in dark grey and simply wash them. So they look black not grey and flat. The photo is not optimal and I will upload a better later.

The miniatures bases are M8 zinc plated 2,5 cm in diameter. I recently bought a pack of a hundred.

Montag, 15. November 2010

Fanatics !!!

Hi folk,
today I want to update some vikings I've converted to fanatics:

The miniatures are from Black Tree Design, very good sculpts for little money ( with endless waiting time:-) ).

Samstag, 13. November 2010

Orange Task Force squad Leader

I made a new photo of my Orange Task Force squad leader to show him in the right light.  He is armed with a HKMP5 or HKMP7 like most of my SWATS. His base shows the afghan battleground and is the standard size of bases in our FoA- Fields of Afganistan games.
I think he will do his job well and kill those ******' terrorists:-).

Freitag, 12. November 2010

Scratch Building

I'm scratch building in moment for FoA. Some Afghanistan houses:

Mittwoch, 3. November 2010

roman fort Rettert

Today I found a old post I wanted to view you in the summer but forgot and post it now.

I was on a Roman milefort in Rettert. The limes there is called Obergermanischer Limes.

It was never totally excavated and you can see the structure of the small fort very well.


Like all forts this one has 4 ports:

The way to the crossing and the fountain in the middle:
The porta on the other end, the main porta:

The other two portas:

The foundations of the towers :

The walls:


A reconstructed part of the wood palisade:

An view on the landscape (click for a better view)

Dienstag, 2. November 2010

BTD EIR prototype

I recently have some Black Tree Design Early Imperial Romans, to extend and finish my existing Auxiliary Army.

I painted a Prototype of my Legionnaires, normally they will wear iron helmets.