Samstag, 27. November 2010

weekend walk

Some weeks ago, in the fall, I was walking to the Justinusfelsen near Adolfseck and Lindschied.

At the way there was another historical site namely ,,Alte Schanze'', It was probably built in the thirty years war and is a systeme of ditches and holes. It was build at a bifurcation from Mittleage and Roman roads and paths. There you can watch the hole Aartal and you can fire at a pass from Westerwald.

 The hills are very steep so the Schanze needed only some men to control the whole area.

At the end I came to the Justinusfelsen were are Roman inscribed his name in a quarry probably he was a legionary at the limes. Because the quarry is just 200m away from it or he was quarry worker.

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