Samstag, 26. Februar 2011

My DBA MIR army

I thought I had posted it a while ago but I didn't, so here is the full army for DBA

Middle Imperial Romans
(193-324 AD)
(DBA II/65ab)

All miniatures are by Corvus Belli, the transfers by Veni Vidi Vici.

Enlisted unit are:
in green:
Cohors I Mattiacorum peditata
Cohors II Mattiacorum peditata
Cohors III Mattiacorum peditata

in blue/red:
Legio I Germanica
Legio II Germanica
Legio III Germanica
and the bodyguard: Cohors Praetoria

       Ala Equites Souromatiae
Ala IV Maurotania

Supported by:
the legions Carroballistica and Sagitarii
Numerus funditori Balearici 

Commanded by:
 Publius Aurelius the Stubborn

Hot pics for cold days

In winter I like to remember:

A famous church, you might know.

A view from the Ancient Roman ruins of Aptera to the mountains of lefka Ori. You can really feel the history there !

Montag, 21. Februar 2011

next workbench update

I have not post much this month but I'm going to, because I painted up some stuff up. And my next DBA Army will be ready end of the week: Teutonic Knights. Here is a update photo about this stuff:

Made my own DBA Table

Yesterday I made my first DBA table: The premissions was to make a simple, open for all terrain, and fine looking as well as handy one.
Firstly I cut my plywood in the mid in two halfes each 60*60 cm or 24*24 inches. Next I cutted my grasmat to 63*63 and put the wood in the middle. Then I stapled the mat on the back and clued the edges so the edges can not shear.
I'm happy with it and only have to build some hills and woods.

Samstag, 5. Februar 2011

First Plataen

I primed all the plataean cavalry for my forthcoming 28mm 2000points Plataean WAB Army. Here is the first of the heroic light cavalry:

I'm waiting for the victrix hoplites for five months now and I'm going sad, cause I need the designs for my Heavy Cavalry shields.