Samstag, 26. Februar 2011

My DBA MIR army

I thought I had posted it a while ago but I didn't, so here is the full army for DBA

Middle Imperial Romans
(193-324 AD)
(DBA II/65ab)

All miniatures are by Corvus Belli, the transfers by Veni Vidi Vici.

Enlisted unit are:
in green:
Cohors I Mattiacorum peditata
Cohors II Mattiacorum peditata
Cohors III Mattiacorum peditata

in blue/red:
Legio I Germanica
Legio II Germanica
Legio III Germanica
and the bodyguard: Cohors Praetoria

       Ala Equites Souromatiae
Ala IV Maurotania

Supported by:
the legions Carroballistica and Sagitarii
Numerus funditori Balearici 

Commanded by:
 Publius Aurelius the Stubborn

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  1. and they hardly ( ;P ) won against my ancient British guys...