Donnerstag, 16. Dezember 2010

Tactica - let's go

I received my copy of the Tactica rulebook today. I do not want to play Warhammer ,,Skrimishes'' and Mini-Battles or DBA simulator battles only. Tactica seems to bring me large battles, with small but accurate rules. I will play it with the WAB Bases because of compatibility and to find more other gamers willing to play Tactica !


  1. Good luck with Tactica. The armies are quite large, so you could play with half size units in the first instance, and just count them as full size.

    The one major problem is that there are relatively few match-ups for most of the armies, but a little bit of imgaination can overcome that.

    We are waiting for Tactica II to be published; it has a great deal more flexibility in both unit sizes and historical opponents.


  2. I know and if you are a tactica freek you get tactica 2 as pdf from the autor....

  3. I haven't tried these, but have seen them in the store. We use WAB at present.
    Please let us know how they turn out.