Samstag, 1. Januar 2011

Resolutions for 2011

I made my resolutions and structured them according to priority:
1. Paint my Black Tree Designs EIR (quite a lot:)

2. Paint the Greek Cavalry and buy a lot of hoplites. 
3. Paint up the Caesarian Command.
4. Finish my DBA Middle Imperial Romans project.
5. And start a Berber army.
6. Paint up my Neo Soviets (about 12 to do) and Terrorist and SWAT and....
7. I gamed quite much WAB and FoA last year but this year is DBA year. :-)
8. Paint the 1st Corps Germanic Cavalry.
9. Popularize DBA and WAB in my home town.
10. Don't buy to much new. :-)

But for now I have to finish my wargaming table !!!!


  1. Not many plans then eh?? :-)That lot should keep you busy.
    Happy new year

  2. Nice little list you there. Good luck and happy new year.

  3. Thanks guys.
    Yes I have to be busy, I will upload some updates about my MIRs tomorrow.
    Happy New Year