Dienstag, 9. März 2010

This morning I compared the two Caesar sculpts (one from Foundry the other 1st corps) I have to choose one as my leader for my LRR Army.

The head: The face of the foundry miniature is not well casted and looks a bit (I do not want to say it but it is the truth) hampered but the Laurel wreath looks good even its a bit too typical . The face off the 1stcorps miniature looks very Italic with a bit prominent ears and the general look is very grand seniore like.

The armour: The armour of the foundry miniature is better detailed as the armour of the 1st corps but the 1stcorps is quite well.

The cloak: The cloak looks quite good by both but the foundry is a little bit more ''deep''.

The legs: Grrr... Both miniatures have not good looking legs. The 1st corps are too big for Caesar and his horse. The Foundry legs are very thin so it looks like he would fall if he will go.

The Horse: Both Horses are very good sculpted but the foundry horse is too normal without any character. The 1stcorps Horse is not historically accurat becos it has no gallic saddle but this is a little manko for me.

Result: Both miniatures are very good sculpted and detailed. I prefer the 1stcorps miniature because it is very characterfull and do notdisplay the typicall Caesar like in Asterix.

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